Born to Rage: Inside the Warrior Gene

Aug 15, 2023 | Science, Videos

Henry Rollins has been struggling with rage his entire life, and National Geographic is on a mission to figure out why. Their investigation involves the so-called ‘warrior gene’, which is said to be linked with violent behavior. To better understand its implications, Henry tests this theory on diverse and unique individuals – from former gang members to Buddhist monks – who all carry the warrior gene.

This documentary titled ‘Born to Rage’ provides an unprecedented look into human behavior. It follows Henry as he embarks on a quest for answers, meeting ex-punk rockers, outlaw bikers, mixed martial arts fighters and more along the way. Through DNA testing, each participant discovers whether or not they have the warrior gene – potentially including Henry himself.

The results of this endeavor give audiences around the world an insight into their own genetic makeup and allows us to explore how much of our behavior is predetermined by nature versus nurture. If you’re looking for an eye-opening and fascinating journey into the root causes of rage, then ‘Born to Rage’ is definitely worth watching!

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David B