Born Rich

Aug 16, 2023 | Social, Videos

Born Rich, the documentary special by first-time filmmaker Jamie Johnson, is an eye-opening look at the lives of some of America’s wealthiest families. Through candid interviews and unprecedented access to some of the most exclusive circles in society, Johnson captures the rituals, worries and social customs of privileged names like Trump, Vanderbilt, Newhouse and Bloomberg.

Narrated by Johnson himself – a 23 year old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune – Born Rich follows ten young adults living with more money than they will ever need or use in their lifetime. With frank conversations about taboos surrounding money in wealthy households and anxieties around being “cut off” from family fortunes, this film shows viewers what it’s really like to never have to work a day in one’s life.

Through the story arc that begins on Johnson’s 21st birthday as he considers his own family inheritance and future direction, we hear compelling perspectives on topics such as life philosophies, trust funds, prenuptial agreements and career choices. Notable subjects among those interviewed include Josiah Hornblower (Vanderbilt/Whitney fortunes), S.I. Newhouse IV (Conde Nast Newhouses) Ivanka Trump (daughter of Donald Trump) and Georgianna Bloomberg (daughter of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg).

This documentary provides a unique window into a world outside our own experience – one where financial security is so deeply rooted that any idea of struggle has been entirely removed from daily life. It offers insights into how wealth can both provide privilege but also create obstacles for individuals seeking to find their own identity and purpose in an environment that idolizes comfort over personal growth.

If you are curious about these rarefied worlds yet hesitant to dip your toes too far into their waters, then Born Rich is the perfect way to explore them without compromising yourself or your ideals. Tune in now and be prepared for an intriguing look at one of society’s most complex conversations: money.

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David B