Book of Enoch Documentary

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Hell, space, dimensions, angels, demons, mystery religions and conspiracies, all thrown at you from the very beginning. That is what the Book of Enoch is essentially.

An Ancient Jewish religious work, the book of Enoch is estimated to date about 300 BC, with the last part of the book probably written sometime during the first century BC.

One area where many people make mistake is compare the book of Enoch to the Holy Bible. Some religious experts claim that the “so called” Book of Enoch is not written by the fore father of Noah, and it was probably written after Jesus was glorified.

You can enjoy the Book, and see all the mysteries, but don’t fall for everything. Knowledge is power, and sometimes you need to read from different sources to get to the truth.

In this video, Trey Smith breaks down everything from the book, from the initial chapter, to the last chapter. He breaks down the mysteries, and the conspiracies surrounding the book. Enjoy the documentary!

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