Bonhoeffer: The Divine Agent

Dec 6, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

At the beginning of this film, the main character, Bonhoeffer is persuaded by his companion Hans, also his brother-in-law, to join military as an undercover agent. He was to utilize his political acquaintances to gather data, to serve as a messenger for the Allies, and also to arrange the terms of surrender for the Allies if the Abwehr’s plot to kill Hitler succeeds.

He was included in Operation 7, which transported Jews out of the country by providing for them sham posts in the Abwehr. The film demonstrates a minister hesitant to take part in this trickery yet immediately influenced that it is “worse to be evil than to do evil”.

Between spying, serving, dealing with his never-completed Ethics, and being survailed by the Gestapo, which had solid suspicions about the Abwehr and him, Bonhoeffer managed to fall head over heels in love and get ready for marriage. His fiancee, Maria, was 18; he was 36. The film truly plays up the age contrast, and it likewise depicts Maria as a marginally ditzy light, which makes their sentiment appear to be profoundly unordinary, which it actually was.

Watch this extraordinary documentary and discover how the story ends. The plot is full of excitement and intense moments which will keep you in your seat throughout the film.

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Riyan H.