Bomb It

Jul 24, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Social, Videos

Bomb It – The Movie is a must-watch documentary for those looking to understand the world of graffiti. Directed by Jon Reiss, this groundbreaking film has been praised for its unique approach to the topic, as it features street artists and top graffiti writers from five different continents.

The film follows the art form from its origins in Philadelphia in the 1960s right up until today’s modern movement. Through interviews with key figures in every region and archival footage, Bomb It gives viewers an idea of how global graffiti culture has changed over time. From large-scale murals to traditional tagging, different styles are documented and discussed by the artists themselves.

This comprehensive documentary sheds light on the worldwide impact of graffiti art, while also highlighting how it can be both a powerful form of expression and a controversial issue in many cities around the world. It shows viewers how art can be used as a tool for social justice, highlighting many stories throughout history that paved the way for what graffiti is today.

For anyone interested in exploring new perspectives on urban art and learning about cultural movements across different countries, Bomb It – The Movie provides an incredible insight into this vibrant scene. With its impressive array of diverse voices, intricate storytelling, and insightful approach to modern culture; this powerful documentary will leave you inspired by what street artists have achieved on a global scale.

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David B