Body Language Decoded: How Non-Verbal Communication Actually Works

Sep 12, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Step into the mysterious world of non-verbal communication and discover what your body is saying without you even realizing it. In the gripping documentary “Body Language Decoded,” delve deep into the science of body language and explore practical applications from law enforcement to commerce and even national security.
From facial expressions that are universally recognized across all ethnicities to subtler body movements that are harder to decipher, every person’s body language tells a story. Watch as forensic psychologist Dr. Stephen Porter details how his team solved a murder mystery by accurately interpreting a key witness’s body language, providing a heart-rending example that proves the power of body language. The documentary also takes you to Amsterdam where a company is working on cutting-edge research to enable computers to recognize human gender, ethnicity, and facial expressions.
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David B