Bob Dutko: Why He Fails

Aug 13, 2023 | Religion, Videos

Bob Dutko, a renowned Christian radio talk-show host and apologist, recently responded to the first video in the 10-part series Top Ten (Failed) Proofs for God’s Existence. In this episode of the series, which was widely discussed and debated among theologians and scientists alike, the author presented a claim that the 1st law of thermodynamics and its role in the creation of the universe provides proof, rather than a mere suggestion, that God exists.

Dutko was quick to accuse the author of certain “debate tricks and tactics,” but failed to properly explain or elaborate on his arguments against this claim. He instead resorted to simply asserting that “Goddidit” is sufficient rationale for how a supernatural force could create something as complex as our material universe.

Though Dutko’s response may be enough to spark debate among those who already hold strong convictions on either side of this issue, those hoping for a more balanced discussion about one of humanity’s oldest questions would do well to watch the original documentary for themselves. The video provides insight into every angle of this debate from some of today’s top experts in theology and physics, so viewers can draw their own conclusions about whether or not any sort of divine power was at work here.

In short, don’t miss out on your chance watch an engrossing dialogue unfold between two passionate sides in what has become an age-old argument: Top Ten (Failed) Proofs for God’s Existence. See if you can weigh all the evidence yourself and come up with your own answer – it just might surprise you!

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David B