Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Aug 13, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The global water crisis is a pressing issue that affects us all and threatens our collective future. It has been brought to light in the critically-acclaimed documentary film, ‘Blue Gold: World Water Wars’, which reveals the devastating effects of mismanaged and overused water resources.

As population and technology advances, more fresh water is being diverted, polluted, pumped and wasted than ever before – far beyond the finite supply. This has resulted in widespread desertification of the Earth due to overdevelopment of agriculture, housing and industry. To make matters worse, corporate giants have been pressuring developing countries to privatize their water supplies for profit. Furthermore, Wall Street investors are targeting desalination schemes for bulk-water export as a money-making endeavor. Corrupt governments use water as a means for economic and political gain while military control of water resources is becoming a new geopolitical power structure with the potential to spark world wars over access to clean drinking water.

The situation facing us is dire and must be remedied immediately if we are going to protect our planet for future generations. We urge everyone to watch Blue Gold: World Water Wars and join us in taking action against this environmental disaster before it’s too late. With greater public awareness comes strength in numbers – let’s work together combat water pollution and ensure equitable access to clean drinking water for all!

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David B