Blood Diamond

Jul 21, 2023 | Justice, Videos

Diamonds are a symbol of love and beauty, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Their value is determined by carat, cut, and clarity. But in West and Central Africa, the cost of diamonds has been much higher than anyone could ever bargain for. These diamonds have funded wars and are linked to terrorist organizations. This is the story of ‘blood diamonds.’

Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones or areas controlled by rebel forces who use profits from the sale of these diamonds to fund their activities. As a result, civilians suffer immensely due to their involvement in the illegal diamond trade. Many have been killed or displaced from their homes because of it. Child soldiers are also often kidnapped or forced into servitude as miners or smugglers for the illegal diamond trade. The exploitation of African people for these diamonds continues without any end in sight.

The movie “Blood Diamond,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, documents how the sale of these diamonds contributes to civil wars in Africa and how those same wars contribute to serious human rights violations against innocent people. It can be difficult to watch at times, but it serves as an important reminder that our actions have consequences far beyond what we may think at first glance.

It’s important that we educate ourselves on this issue so we can make better informed decisions when purchasing jewelry made with diamonds or gemstones mined from conflict zones. We must take responsibility for our own actions if we are going to make a difference in this world. Watching the documentary “Blood Diamond” is one way you can start making a difference today — it will open your eyes to the realities of conflict-zone mining and show you what needs to be done to ensure meaningful progress towards ending them once and for all.

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David B