Black Athena: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece

Aug 10, 2023 | History, Videos

Black Athena is a groundbreaking documentary exploring the origin of Western civilization from an African perspective, as put forward by Cornell Professor Martin Bernal. In this documentary, Bernal questions the Eurocentric and racist 19th-century theory that claimed the Greeks were the sole founders of Western civilization and puts light on the various connections between African and Near Eastern cultures and early Greek myth and art.

This documentary offers an important insight into our collective history, as well as a balanced, scholarly introduction to what has become one of the most controversial topics in modern academia: multiculturalism, political correctness, and Afrocentric curricula. By exploring Prof. Bernal’s claims about Greece’s connection to Africa through evidence-based research, Black Athena seeks to challenge traditional ideas of cultural diffusion which have long been used to explain the distinctive achievements of ancient Greece during its Classical Period.

The argument at hand is both complex and exciting; while some classical scholars believe that Bernal is using his evidence selectively to fit his own Afrocentric agenda, others argue that such a perspective can be critically examined for its accuracy and potential bias – whether inherited from past generations or imposed by present-day ideologies. It is with this in mind that this documentary encourages viewers to gain a more holistic understanding of our shared history by looking at it from multiple angles.

If you’re looking for an eye-opening exploration of Ancient Greece’s history which challenges traditional views about cultural diffusion then Black Athena is perfect for you! This thought-provoking documentary offers viewers an insightful look into diverse perspectives on our shared history, providing an opportunity for further critical examination into traditionally accepted theories about the origin of Western civilization.

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David B