Billion Dollar Flower Market

May 22, 2023 | Activism, People, Videos

The Billion Dollar Flower Market is a captivating business documentary from 2016 that explores the thriving global industry behind one of our favorite natural treasures. The Netherlands, the world’s most advanced flower producer, dominates the market, and nearly all the flowers purchased by the United Kingdom are from Dutch suppliers. However, this documentary showcases how the British florists are fighting back, and the Dutch are feeling the pressure.
The viewer gets to meet a variety of players in this beautiful industry; from new generation British florists and high street supermarkets to dedicated entrepreneurs who learned Dutch to buy directly at Dutch flower auctions. Furthermore, the documentary reveals how enterprising British florists are using the local flora and quirky homegrown British buds for their luscious floral displays, keeping the world-famous flower market, Covent Garden, in cheeky rude health. It’s a stunning celebration of the British flower industry and how they are successfully carving a place for themselves in the global flower market.

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David B