Bigfoot In China

Aug 30, 2022 | Conspiracy, Strange, Videos

Bigfoot, one of the most mysterious creatures is believed to live in forests in the Pacific Northwest. A half man, half ape animal, Bigfoot is mythological creature, product of folklore, hoax, and misidentification.

Scientists have yet to find proof that Bigfoot exists. Another popular name for the creature is Sasquatch, an English derivative.

Despite lack of scientific evidence, people all around the world are convinced Bigfoot exists. And as some believe in Aliens, UFO, and other mythical and non-scientific things, why not Bigfoot.

In China, Bigfoot is called “The Wild-Man”, as locals claim they’ve seen a creature that walks on two legs, but is covered in reddish-brown hair and is almost seven-feet tall. Chinese authorities have gathered many samples of unidentified hairs, in search for the Chinese Bigfoot.

Have they found him? Is there any real evidence? Check out!

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Riyan H.