Beyond and Back

Aug 4, 2023 | History, Videos

Beyond And Back is an insightful and inspiring 1978 documentary produced by Sunn Classic Pictures that delves into the mysteries of near death experiences (NDEs). This was one of the earliest films to explore this complex and intriguing subject, tackling the question of “Is there life after death?” with candor and respect.

The documentary was narrated by Brad Crandall and featured actual accounts from those who have experienced NDEs. Generally speaking, a person who has had an NDE is said to be clinically dead, meaning that their vital signs are either absent or extremely low, yet they are later revived through medical aid such as CPR. Those who have had an NDE often report vivid memories of their experience, leading many in the medical field to take a deeper interest in the phenomenon. One famous example is Ernest Hemingway’s recollection of his time as a young soldier in World War I; he claimed that his soul left his body after he was badly wounded by an exploding shell, flew around for a bit, then returned.

Other individuals have reported going through a dark tunnel towards a bright light at the end that they knew was some kind of divine being. Some even spoke of seeing a review of their entire lives and realizing that they were being given another chance to live again. The feature also shared the results of research conducted by scientists involving terminal patients; it showed how doctors placed those dying on beds attached to sensitive scales and noticed a loss of weight at exactly the moment when death occurred – could this have been their soul leaving?

If you’re interested in learning more about near death experiences and exploring this fascinating topic further then Beyond And Back is well worth watching. It offers an informative and thought-provoking insight into life after death as well as providing strong evidence for its existence; it’s sure to change your views on mortality forever!

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David B