BETRAYED by PROM DATE & LOST AT SEA | Sarah Stern Infuriating Case

Jul 18, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The disappearance of Sarah Stern has been a perplexing mystery since December 2016, when she vanished without a trace. With no sign of her whereabouts nor any leads to suggest what happened to her, the case has gone cold. However, a new documentary brings fresh light on the story, exploring how Sarah Stern’s life changed drastically and suddenly in the months leading up to her disappearance.

Sarah Stern was known for her artistic talent and ambition as well as her bubbly personality, which made her popular on Twitter and beloved by many. She seemed to have it all; a promising educational future, supportive friends and family, and a bright future ahead of her…until things began to change drastically leading up to her disappearance. In the documentary exploration of Sarah Stern’s story, we learn about what happened between Sarah Stern and Liam McAstasney & Preston Taylor – including details of their relationship that weren’t previously known.

The documentary follows investigators through their search for answers in an effort to shed light on what may have happened during those fateful days before Sarah disappeared. It also features interviews with those closest to Sarah in an effort to bring a greater understanding of who she was as a person.

This powerful story is one that must be seen in order to truly understand the tragedy surrounding this case. The Sarah Stern Documentary presents an opportunity for viewers to understand what happened leading up to the mysterious disappearance of this young woman – as well as why justice still remains elusive for so many. For these reasons, anyone with an interest in this heartbreaking case should watch this riveting documentary and discover what really happened between Sarah Stern, Liam McAstasney & Preston Taylor during those final days before she vanished forever.

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David B