Bethany Hamilton - This Is My Story

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You know Bethany Hamilton as the woman who was bitten by shark, lost an arm, and then returned to professional surfing. In 2004 she published a book, an autobiography titled “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family and Fighting to Get Back on the Board”.

In 2011, a feature film regarding Bethany was released, titled the “Soul Surfer”. In this short video, Bethany quickly tells her story, showing people that if you have strength and courage, you should never give up, you should believe in your dreams and one day it will all come together.

Since returning to professional surfing in 2004, Bethany has won the NSSA National Competition in 2005, the O’Neill Island Girl Junior Pro tournament in 2005, the T&C Pipeline Women’s Pro in 2007, and the 2014 Surf’n’Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro.

Bethany says “Life is all I got”, and that is the best motivational message you can get. Enjoy the video.

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