Best moments from Only the Truth Matters (Y’a Que La Vérité Qui Compte)

Oct 3, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The award-winning French documentary series, Y a que la vérité qui compte (Only the Truth Counts), is a must-watch for anyone looking to gain insight into the high-stakes world of real-life crime. Hosted by renowned journalists Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine, the show takes viewers on an intense journey into some of France’s most notorious cases. From high-profile murder trials to mass shootings and political cover-ups, the compelling stories featured on Y a que la vérité qui compte provide an in-depth look at true justice.

Behind each episode lies an intricate web of facts and theories that require careful analysis. Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine leave no stone unturned as they uncover the truth behind some of France’s most complex cases. Through engaging interviews with both victims and perpetrators, they shed light on the human cost of these crimes and work to ensure justice is served.

The show has become renowned for its gripping storytelling and commitment to uncovering hidden truths. With episodes spanning from one hour to four hours in length, there’s plenty of time for viewers to immerse themselves in each case and make up their own minds about what happened. With each investigation comes hard evidence, challenging questions, and intense debates – making it easy for viewers to get involved as they watch along.

Y a que la vérité qui compte is essential viewing for anyone interested in true crime documentaries – particularly those looking for an insightful look into some of France’s most notorious cases. Featuring Emmy Award-nominated Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine at their very best, this acclaimed series offers viewers an unprecedented level of detail as it explores some of the nation’s darkest secrets. Don’t miss out on this remarkable television experience; tune in today!

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