Berlin: homeless capital of Germany

Aug 2, 2023 | Economics, Food/Drink, Social, Videos

Berlin, the homeless capital of Germany, is a city of stark contrasts. It is Europe’s trendsetting cultural capital but also a city of poverty and misery. In this documentary, we explore the living conditions of the homeless in Berlin, unraveling the complex social and economic issues that underpin homelessness in the city. Through the eyes of the residents living on the streets, we get a glimpse of the everyday struggles of people surviving without a roof over their heads.
Meanwhile, in Turkey, high taxes are driving citizens to take matters into their own hands – or rather, their own beer mugs. Turkish citizens are discovering the joy of homebrew. With beer being one of the country’s most popular drinks, brewers are taking back control from the government and finding creative solutions to avoid astronomical taxes. Inevitably, the government has taken notice, and the future of homebrew in Turkey hangs in the balance. Witness this fascinating tale of a simple drink and the people it brings together in this documentary.

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David B