Before the Music Dies (B4MD)

Jul 31, 2023 | Performing Arts, Videos

The documentary Before the Music Dies takes a deep dive into the current state of music, exploring why mainstream music seems so packaged and repetitive. From interviews with musicians, industry insiders, music critics, and fans to performances from a diverse range of artists – including The Dave Matthews Band and Erykah Badu – this riveting film will leave you with a renewed passion for great music.

This thought-provoking documentary examines how corporations have gained control over the radio stations and retail stores that decide what music is heard by consumers. It looks at how independent musicians have found devoted fans online and in clubs across the country, as well as how MTV’s obsession with beauty and youth has shifted our perception of music away from sound to visuals.

What makes Before the Music Dies so remarkable is that it does not just provide an analysis of current trends in music; it also offers hope for the future. By showcasing incredible musical talent from all corners of America – from Mississippi gospel singers to street performers in Seattle – it proves that amazing music lives on if we know where to look.

Before the Music Dies will make you consider your own part in shaping our musical future. What’s more, its uplifting story makes it essential viewing for anyone who loves great music! So don’t miss out – go watch this inspiring documentary today!

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David B