Beer Culture

Jul 30, 2023 | Social, Videos

The documentary Beer Culture takes viewers on an exploration of the craft beer industry in Colorado. Here, more beer is produced than anywhere else in the United States, and it’s a state that has seen its fair share of passionate brewers creating and sharing their unique brews.

This film captures a significant moment in time in American history: the emergence of micro brewing and craft beer as more immigrants sought out alternatives to the commercial beers they couldn’t find in America. It’s an inspiring story of entrepreneurs willing to risk it all for their passion.

Beer Culture also emphasizes the hardships faced by these brewers, such as starting businesses during recessions or periods of war, when it was hard enough just covering employee salaries. In 2002, there was even a “Hops Crisis” due to poor crop yields, yet some brewers survived and eventually flourished. Such stories of struggle paint a vivid picture of how committed these artisans are to their craft—it’s truly admirable.

The documentary features many notable Colorado breweries such as Left Hand, New Belgium, Avery, Upslope, Equinox, and Eddyline. Many established breweries also give back to their local communities through donations to food banks and charities: a heartwarming sight after all they’ve been through.

Beer Culture serves not only as an enlightening watch on the beer industry but also as a reminder for us all to chase our dreams no matter what obstacles come our way. For anyone interested in learning more about this profession or looking for some inspiration for their own business ventures, this documentary is certainly worth viewing!

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David B