Becoming Human

Jul 28, 2023 | Science, Videos

Nothing is more captivating than our own origins and the path that led us to be the humans we are today. That is why NOVA’s documentary Becoming Human is such an important exploration into our roots. Featuring interviews with leading scientists, as well as footage of fossils unearthed in the field, this groundbreaking series sheds light on the earliest ancestors of humankind.

The first episode focuses on Selam, a 3 million year-old child whose remains hold clues to why our species split from apes and began walking upright. In the second episode, Turkana Boy -the fossil of Homo erectus- will be investigated to answer questions about the Great African Exodus. Finally, in the third episode viewers will witness how modern humans and their capacities for art, invention and survival came about, as well as what happened when we encountered Neanderthals.

Crucial new evidence has been found in the decoding of the Neanderthal genome, prompting questions about interbreeding between both species or a possible extermination by modern humans. Further discoveries surround Indonesia’s strange Hobbit species and why they did not survive while we did.

Becoming Human aims to answer these questions through its comprehensive coverage of human evolution. With stunning CGI animation and compelling accounts from experts in their fields, this landmark documentary series offers a riveting look at humankind’s past that could dramatically reshape our understanding of who we are today —and even if we’re still evolving now. If you are curious about humanity’s journey thus far then Becoming Human should be your next must-watch documentary series!

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David B