Beauty, body and mind / HER – Women in Asia (Season 1)

Aug 6, 2023 | Beauty, Health, Social, Videos

Meet women across South Asia who are breaking stereotypes and voicing their opinions loud and clear.HER is a celebration of women who step up against age-old traditions of patriarchy and misogyny. It shares their incredible stories about love, resistance, and resilience.
From the bustling streets of India and Pakistan to the serene beaches of Malaysia, and the modern metropolis of Taiwan, this documentary showcases women of South Asia who are standing up for their rights and making a difference in their communities.In this visually-stunning documentary, watch gripping stories about women finding their voice in a male-dominated society, and explore their opinions on a range of issues, including health, depression, dating, marriage, and beauty.
Don’t miss HER, a must-watch documentary that bridges the gap between cultures and puts the spotlight on women who are making a difference.

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David B