Beats ‘n’ Bibles – The clerical rebels

Nov 15, 2023 | Culture, Music, People, Videos

A new documentary explores the story of two young pastors, Christopher Schlicht and Maximilian Bode, who are bringing a fresh image to Germany’s traditional churches. While most of the country’s churches are struggling, the Emmaus congregation in Bremerhaven is attracting new worshippers with innovative ideas and a determination to embrace new forms of worship.
In this film by Sylvia Wassermann, viewers will witness Schlicht and Bode’s unconventional approach to religious leadership. Instead of dressing in traditional clerical garb, they sport purple hair, baseball caps, and tattoos. They’ve even been known to ride into church on skateboards! Along with the visual transformation of their church, they’ve introduced contemporary music and other novel worship practices aimed at meeting the needs of younger congregants. The results have been remarkable; the Emmaus congregation is now attracting young and old alike. This documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of tradition and modernity in religious institutions.

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David B