Bayer and the bees

May 24, 2023 | Animals, Social, Videos

A gripping documentary unravels the nefarious activities of one of the world’s largest agrochemical companies, the Bayer Group. The film confronts the company’s history of deception and cover-ups, as it exposes the devastating consequences of insecticides on our ecosystem.
The focus is on neonicotinoids, pesticides widely used in farming, but which have been found to be lethal to beneficial insects, such as bees. The film takes us behind the scenes, as scientists, toxicologists, and researchers from all corners of the world reveal the shrouded truth of the company’s activities. Despite warnings from experts for more than two decades, it appeared that the industry, aided by authorities, had succeeded in delaying any ban of these hazardous substances. However, studies have demonstrated the overwhelming hazards of neonicotinoids not only to pests but to bees and other creatures alike, with countless research pointing out to the pervasive influence of Bayer in suppressing the publication of these findings.
From environmental destruction to human health implications, this documentary lays bare the unthinkable impact of pesticides on our planet. In a world where corporate power controls almost every aspect of our lives, this film is an unflinching reminder of the choices we make every day, and the price we pay when profits supersede everything else. Buckle up and take a front-row seat as the truth is finally exposed in this deeply troubling exposé.

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David B