Battling the Yakuza

Jul 26, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Yakuza, the Japanese organized crime network, is a powerful force in Japan’s criminal underworld. Since their emergence in the Edo era 400 years ago, they have grown into a powerful organization with an estimated 80,000 members operating under 22 syndicates and raking in billions of dollars each year.

The Yakuza today have traded in their original code of honor for something far more sinister. They are connected to drug and prostitution rings, corporate frauds, and shootings that have left innocent victims dead. The Japanese government is determined to eradicate the Yakuza by choking off their finances. But is this really possible?

A new documentary called “Yakuza: A Mafia-like Organization in Japan” explores this question and offers insight into the world of organized crime in Japan. Through interviews with former Yakuza members and police officers who had dealt with them during crackdowns, we gain an intimate look at how pervasive these organizations can be. We discover how they conduct business and what drives them to take part in illegal activity – from extortion to money laundering – as well as how difficult it is for authorities to break up their operations.

In addition to focusing on the realities of organized crime in Japan, the documentary also celebrates those brave enough to oppose it – from police officers who risk their lives every day to civil society activists who work tirelessly against Yakuza activities despite numerous threats.

For any reader interested in understanding Japanese culture or criminal networks around the world, “Yakuza: A Mafia-like Organization in Japan” is an essential watch. It provides an eye-opening insight into a complex system that has been entrenched within Japanese society for centuries, showing us both its destructive power and potential redemption.

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David B