Banksy Does New York

Jun 14, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Videos

Banksy Does New York is a documentary that showcases the immense impact Banksy’s artwork has had on the world, particularly in the United States. Following his month-long October residency in New York City, where Banksy revealed 31 new works scattered throughout the city for people to discover, the documentary provides an intimate look into this incredible event.

Using footage from those who were part of this “scavenger hunt”, news broadcasts and audio snippets taken directly from Banksy’s official website, we gain a greater understanding of his works – not just on a superficial level but also in terms of their political significance. Regardless of whether you think Banksy is nothing more than a glorified street artist or not, Banksy Does New York offers an engaging and thought-provoking insight into what his pieces meant to those who found them at the time and how they are still relevant today.

If you haven’t already seen it, Banksy Does New York is highly recommended viewing! With its creative use of visuals and sound bites that make it truly captivating as well as its profound themes that are still relevant today, it’s sure to leave you inspired and enlightened. For anyone interested in art or politics, this documentary provides a fascinating look at one artist’s cultural influence and impact on society.

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David B