Bangladesh’s struggle with flooding

May 26, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Social, Videos

As climate change worsens, Bangladesh is one of the countries hit hardest by its effects. The rising sea levels, devastating floods, and extreme pollution have left many struggling to survive. In a moving documentary, we hear from those who have been forced to adapt to their ever-changing environment, whether it be through changing their livelihoods, or fighting to combat pollution.
From the Ganges Delta to the country’s capital, Dhaka, we see the impacts of climate change on the lives of Bangladeshis. Against the odds, individuals like Korban Ali and Jahirul continue to fight for a better future for their families, defying the harrowing statistics of the 14,000 Bangladeshi children who drown every year. Join us on an emotional journey as we explore the resilience of a nation and the fight for a more sustainable future.

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David B