Bangladesh: The Rohingya’s Bitter Exile

Nov 10, 2023 | Justice, People, Videos

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group in Myanmar, have been the victims of violence and persecution for decades. In recent years, they have faced an unprecedented influx of violence which has led to over 740,000 people fleeing their homes in search of safety. Of these refugees, many find themselves in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp – the most densely populated of its kind and also one of the most perilous.

The camp has become a hazardous place due to overcrowding and unsanitary conditions that are spreading illnesses and disease. There are now more than 1 million people living there, making it difficult for aid organizations to provide necessary supplies. Compounding this is the lack of proper shelter as many refugees are forced to live in tents without access to running water or electricity. As a result, the temperatures inside can be up to 20 degrees higher than outside during hot days, leaving people exposed to heat exhaustion and other health issues.

The situation has become so dire that it is now being compared to some of history’s worst humanitarian crises. Aside from health concerns, those living in the camps have no means of building sustainable livelihoods or accessing adequate education opportunities – all essential for any chance at a future free from poverty and inequality.

To highlight this ongoing issue, award-winning documentary ‘Cox’s Bazar’ was recently released focusing on just how precarious life is for these refugees who left their homeland with nothing but hope. The film follows three members of the Rohingya community on their journey from Myanmar into Bangladesh as they face daily challenges such as food shortages and human trafficking risks within Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. Through their stories we can gain insight into what current living conditions are like for those affected by this crisis and what more needs to be done to help them rebuild a better future.

We invite you to watch this powerful film and join us in standing up for those affected by the Rohingya crisis by donating or advocating for those who cannot speak out for themselves in solidarity with our brothers and sisters striving against all odds for a better tomorrow.

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