Bangladesh: Fear among Hindus as religious festival starts

Aug 27, 2023 | Political, Religion, Social, Videos

In Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of Hindus are living in fear of religious persecution. The conflict escalated after a video of blasphemy surfaced on social media, causing the Muslim community to violently protest against the Hindus. There have been several attacks on Hindu temples and individuals in the last few years, and human rights organizations estimate that thousands have been injured or killed.
This documentary sets out to explore the root causes of this rising intolerance in Bangladesh. With in-depth interviews from community leaders, activists, and victims, the film presents a chilling account of the plight of Hindu minorities and their struggle for religious freedom. The film also highlights the various human rights violations that occur in Bangladesh and the potential consequences for global security if these issues go unaddressed. “Minority Hindus in Bangladesh” is a powerful exploration of the intersection of politics and religion and the desperate need for communities to come together and uphold human rights.

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David B