Banged Up Abroad: Scott and Lucy’s Story

Jul 9, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

Lucy Baker and Scott Campbell were living the high life in Ibiza, partying until the sun came up and soaking in all that the island had to offer. Little did they know, their summer of fun would turn into a nightmare when they became enticed by an offer too good to be true – a holiday of a lifetime with a reward of money for bringing back some cannabis into Amsterdam.

Unable to resist, the two decided to take on the task, not realizing that what seemed like an easy venture would land them in jail overseas. They were arrested at customs and taken through an incomprehensible legal process, eventually thrown into a foreign prison with no understanding of the language or culture.

This harrowing story is told in the documentary series “When Holidays Go Wrong”. Through dramatic reconstructions of real-life events, viewers will witness the terror and fear Lucy and Scott experienced when they were arrested, as well as their struggles to adjust to life in prison abroad. The series also exhibits how their arrests affected their friends and family back home, resulting in long-term consequences both emotionally and financially.

Watching this documentary will give you an insight into what happens when travellers become careless with their decisions while abroad. It will also show you how far-reaching one mistake can be – something that is important to remember when travelling overseas regardless if it’s for vacation or business. For anyone looking for an exciting watch full of suspense and drama, “When Holidays Go Wrong” is definitely worth checking out!

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David B