Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison

Sep 10, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Bananas are an iconic fruit that has been enjoyed by Americans for generations, but the vast majority of us have little idea of what goes into producing them. Banana Land is a powerful documentary that lifts the veil on this secretive and oft-misunderstood industry, revealing a harsh and ruthless underworld marked by great turmoil and sacrifice.

At first glance, the cost of bananas makes them attractive to consumers; they’re typically much cheaper than other fruits like apples or pears. However, this low price comes at a great cost – Banana Land shows how it’s achieved through the use of dubious pesticides, exploitative labor practices, and lax environmental standards. The documentary further illuminates a far more sinister element: how banana production has been shaped over time by its corporate overlords.

The controversial history surrounding the banana industry began in 1899 with the formation of the United Fruit Company (UFC). With investments from wealthy players across the globe, UFC quickly monopolized the industry and received powerful backing from lawmakers in Washington D.C. To keep prices low, UFC partnered with oppressive regimes throughout Central America in order to quell any dissent from their exploited workers – even resorting to bloodshed if necessary. These disturbing practices remain prevalent today – as evidenced in Chiquita Corporation’s admission of providing financial support for Colombia’s United Self-Defense Forces – a paramilitary group known for violently attacking opposition forces in defense of economic interests within their region.

Banana Land tells these stories through expert interviews and unblinking footage of abhorrent working conditions and episodes of violent upheaval – painting an illuminating picture of an industry rife with injustice and unethical behavior beneath its polished marketing campaigns. Viewers will be left both horrified and enlightened after watching this hard-hitting documentary – one which shines light on all that is wrong yet still manages to inspire hope for positive change moving forward. This is essential viewing for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of where our food comes from – so don’t miss out!

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David B