Ballet, Sweat and Tears: The painful journey from young hopeful to prima ballerina

  • Published 4 years ago
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Some of the most famous and greatest ballet performances are Nutcracker, Carmen Suite, and Don Quixote. They are popular with fans all over the world. We enjoy the beauty and glory of the ballet, unaware that the elegant steps and pirouettes of the ballerina are a result of many hours of exhaustive training.

Becoming a professional ballerina is a journey that starts at a very young age. If you do not start at a young age, the chances of becoming a ballerina are almost zero.

To become a professional ballet dancer, you need to possess real strength and fitness in both mind and body. Diana Vishneva is Russia’s most famous and celebrated prima ballerina. She knows firsthand the real cost of achieving success and being celebrated by the audience.

This documentary follows professional ballerinas, and tells the story of a lifetime of hard work, dedication, and rehearsal in order to become a prima ballerina.

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