Ball of Light

Jul 9, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Videos

Denis Smith had been struggling with depression, alcohol abuse and financial debt for years before a life-changing move to Australia. It was there that he discovered light painting – an art form of photography which produces spectacular, vibrant and surreal images. By embracing this newfound creative passion, Denis was able to make transformative changes in his life and find peace of mind.

The story of Denis’ journey is now featured in a 15 minute documentary which showcases both his incredible artwork and the inspiring story behind it. Through interviews and captivating visuals, viewers will be able to witness Denis’ process from start to finish, along with his personal struggle as he redefines himself as an artist.

Light painting is a unique art form that requires intense concentration and skillful manipulation of light sources to create stunning images. Denis has become an expert at this craft over the years, shooting remarkable scenes with a variety of lights including flashlights and sparklers. His portfolio includes breathtaking landscapes, sci-fi inspired compositions and abstract pieces that capture the beauty of nature both day and night.

This documentary provides viewers an opportunity to gain insight into Denis’ story while appreciating his stunning visual masterpieces. It’s an inspiring tale that encourages us all to pursue our creative passions in order to better our lives. So if you’re looking for some motivation or just want to enjoy some beautiful visuals, be sure to check out this powerful short film about light painter Denis Smith!

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