Back to the source – Historical European Martial Arts

Sep 13, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sports, Videos

The “sword” is very important and the core of pretty much all literature and stories of children. The first times children encounter a picture someone holding a steel sword in literature, stories about Kings, Queens and Princes.

The steel sword is also the core of HEMA, or historical European martial arts. Different people join HEMA for different reasons. Some love the physical objects such swords, some like history, and some like the language and books of the competition.

Called historical European martial arts, HEMA includes all martial arts that were at some point practiced in Europe. Over the time, they have developed and evolved into different martial arts, but the core stayed the same.

Lately, HEMA is enjoying a sort of revival, as more and more people are trying to find the origin and earliest stances of defending. Nowadays, HEMA is mostly a sport, not a way of fighting, with the evolution of guns and machinery.

HEMA fighters and fencers have nowadays developed an identity, as they choose to dress out as they dress during their competition. The HEMA documentary takes you through the early times of European martial arts, through the peak years, and to the nowadays modern way of HEMA and the community of one of the forgotten disciplines.

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Riyan H.