Back of the Busk

Jun 9, 2023 | Art, Performing Arts, Videos

New York City is a unique destination for buskers, or street performers. These brave artists put their talent on display in the bustling metropolis and receive tremendous love and support from the city’s diverse population. This is why we decided to film these gifted individuals and produce an online mini-series that showcases their work.

Our journey began with over 25 talented buskers, whom primarily busk in NYC. We are proud to announce that Season 1 will feature 21 amazing performers who have shown us their remarkable skill on the streets of New York City. Expect to see music, dance, comedy, acrobatics, and more – all performed by incredible individuals!

Busking in NYC offers a unique opportunity for artists to express themselves and reach a large audience. As you watch this compelling documentary series, you will be mesmerized by the amazing talent of these courageous performers. You will also gain an appreciation for the vibrant culture of NYC that supports such creative art forms.

We invite you to watch this eye-opening series that captures the beauty of street performing in New York City – from the heart-warming acts to the daring stunts. So come witness firsthand what makes busking so special in The Big Apple!

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David B