Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be a devastating mental health issue, leaving individuals and their families feeling isolated and helpless. But there is hope. Back From the Edge, a documentary film from Urban Vision Films, offers insight into the disorder and tools to help those affected by it.

The documentary follows three individuals living with BPD as they struggle to gain control of their lives and emotions. It also features interviews with experts who can offer valuable advice on how to identify BPD symptoms and learn how to cope with them. Back From the Edge illustrates the personal journeys of those who are affected by this disorder in an honest and thought-provoking way.

The range of symptoms associated with BPD can vary from person to person; however, some common features include fear of abandonment, intense mood swings, unstable self-image, difficulty managing emotions, impulsive behavior, self-injuring acts, suicidal ideation and transient psychotic episodes. Additionally, BPD is often accompanied by additional disorders such as eating disorders or substance abuse issues. The complex nature of this condition means that it is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Back From the Edge provides invaluable information for viewers looking to understand what BPD is and how it affects people’s lives. Through stories and interviews with leading mental health professionals, the documentary offers practical tips about dealing with BPD that can be used immediately following viewing. The film serves as an invaluable resource for individuals struggling with BPD as well as their family members who want to support them through this difficult journey.

Back from the Edge is a powerful reminder that there are many treatments available for Borderline Personality Disorder—and even more importantly—that hope exists for those affected by it. Everyone deserves access to quality care and assistance whenever they need it most; watching this film will give you the knowledge you need to support loved ones or seek treatment yourself if necessary. This empowering message will surely leave viewers inspired and motivated to take action against this debilitating illness.