Aztecs: Sacrifice And Science

Jul 21, 2023 | History, Videos

Aztecs: Sacrifice and Science is a must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the long-forgotten legacy of the Aztec people. Through an intricate look at surviving codices, historic accounts, and archaeological evidence, this film reveals the captivating story of these ancient civilizations and their customs.

The narrative begins with the arrival of Hernan Cortes to Mexico in the 16th century, which marked a turning point in Aztec history. However, thanks to Bernardino de Sahagun – one of history’s pioneering anthropologists – much of their culture was preserved through his detailed accounts on language and beliefs. But it was three hundred years later when Eduard Seler and his wife Cecilia made their journey from Berlin to Mexico that some of the deepest layers of understanding were uncovered. Utilizing their archaeological expertise, they unearthed a series of artifacts that revealed secrets about temple building, rituals such as human sacrifice, and even the interpretation of the Aztec calendar. Seler’s work has been integral in formulating our current knowledge on this topic, yet there is still much more to be discovered due to materials yet unexamined in Berlin museums.

Aztecs: Sacrifice and Science paints a vivid account of a forgotten tribe by exploring key milestones in preserving their legacy. This documentary seamlessly combines informative narration with ingenious re-enactments to tell its compelling story that continues today. It serves as an excellent reminder that history is constantly evolving; ever elusive but constantly captivating.

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David B