Australia’s Ghost Town: The contaminated city Wittenoom

Jul 25, 2023 | Disaster, People, Videos

The Australian ghost town of Wittenoom has been forever lost to our maps due to asbestos contamination. This once-thriving community was completely abandoned when its hazardous industry became known, and now sits as a reminder of the consequences of negligence. But while this existential tragedy is still all too raw, filmmaker Raphael Rogers has ventured into the now-uninhabited town to capture the story for his acclaimed documentary “Wittenoom: A Ghost Town’s Journey”.

Rogers’ remarkable film takes us on an eye-opening journey through Wittenoom and its history, unearthing heartbreaking stories from survivors who watched their beloved town slowly come undone by corporate greed. We are also introduced to the people still living in the shadow of the town today, coming to terms with a haunting past that can never be forgotten. Overall, “Wittenoom: A Ghost Town’s Journey” paints a comprehensive picture of a place torn apart by human neglect and environmental disaster, revealing a powerful yet devastating narrative about how we treat our planet.

This highly emotional documentary offers an unprecedented look at the forgotten histories and devastating aftermaths that can result from irresponsible management and practices. By exploring Wittenoom through an exploration of its people, past and present, “Wittenoom: A Ghost Town’s Journey” creates an intimate portrait of a tragedy that will resonate long after watching it. So don’t miss out on this exploration into one of Australia’s most notorious towns – watch “Wittenoom: A Ghost Town’s Journey” today!

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David B