Australia’s Dark Secret: The Inhumane Treatment of Indigenous Peoples

May 9, 2023 | Crime, People, Social, Videos

Utopia is a thought-provoking documentary that sheds light on Australia’s painful colonial past and present. This stirring film offers an insightful look into the country’s darkest secrets, uncovering what amounts to a national silence about Indigenous people – the oldest, most enduring presence on Earth.
Delving deep into the issue, Utopia reveals that apartheid runs deep within the very fabric of Australian society. As the film explores the suppressed colonial past and present, it exposes the harrowing truth that Aboriginal people are still living in abject poverty and Third World conditions, with a low life expectancy and disproportionately high rate of deaths in police custody. Sprawling in both production and scope, this epic documentary takes viewers on a troubling yet important journey, offering a rare glimpse into this secret Australia.

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David B