Attack on a night club in Germany

Oct 8, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The town of Frankfurt an der Oder was held up as a model of integration in Germany, until a group of refugees stormed a popular nightclub. Following the Frosch Club attack, the leading politicians took a clear stance – with Left Party’s mayor René Wilke advocating for the perpetrators’ deportation, despite criticism from within his own party.
Amidst the divisive aftermath, social worker Thomas Klähn faces the uphill battle of preventing tensions from simmering over into outright hostility towards refugees. As he envisions a community where everyone can find a place, the question of how to achieve such an ideal begs for answers. Can Frankfurt an der Oder’s community move forward together, or will animosity tear them apart? Take a closer look into this complex issue in “A Place for Everyone: The Battle for Integration” – a thought-provoking documentary by Chris Caurla and Jonathan Walker.

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David B