Jul 19, 2023 | Science, Videos

The history of science has been fundamentally changed by the discovery that everything in the universe is made from atoms. This groundbreaking breakthrough revolutionized physics, chemistry, and biology, and even our understanding of life itself. Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores this incredible discovery in his three-part documentary series.

In the first part of his series, Al-Khalili takes us on a journey through time to uncover the secrets behind the atom. He explains how traditional beliefs were challenged as scientists delved deep into its mysteries, paving the way for an entirely new science that has become the foundation of modern physics, chemistry and biology.

The second part examines what happens when we attempt to understand this tiny particle which makes up almost everything we know: radioactivity, atom bombs, and ultimately the Big Bang Theory – answers to some of the biggest questions mankind has ever asked. It’s a story with dramatic twists and turns as brilliant minds throughout history competed to answer these questions.

The final part reveals how studying atoms forced us to rethink our conception of reality itself. This episode will take viewers on a mind-bending exploration of parallel universes where different versions of ourselves exist; it also shows that ‘empty’ space is anything but empty! We are left with a much deeper appreciation for how small our understanding has been and how much more exists beyond our current perception of reality.

If you are curious about one of science’s greatest discoveries – atoms – you should watch Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s three-part documentary series which will shed light on this incredible breakthrough and its implications for our world today. Unlocking nature’s secrets has never been so captivating!

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David B