Astronauts: Life, Love and Sex in Space | Space Science | Episode 1

Jul 26, 2023 | People, Science, Videos

The Weightless Person – Life and Love in Space is a documentary exploring the lives of astronauts living and working in outer space. For 40 years, these brave individuals have been on the cutting edge of space exploration, from the first station Salyut to today’s International Space Station (ISS). But what is it really like to live and work in zero gravity?

In this riveting episode of Space Science, viewers go beyond the headlines and into the everyday lives of astronauts. With insights from celebrated astronaut Professor Dr. Ulrich Walter, viewers gain an up-close look at the challenges that come with everyday tasks like showering, eating and sleeping in outer space – something most people never get to experience.

In addition to revealing how astronauts adapt to everyday activities in zero gravity, Professor Walter also talks about other aspects of life aboard a spaceship such as working together as a team and even finding love. From its breathtaking visuals to its captivating narrative, this documentary provides an unparalleled glimpse into the lives of those who are pushing humanity’s boundaries even further out into the universe.

Space Science Episode 1: The Weightless Person – Life and Love in Space offers a unique opportunity for viewers to explore life outside Earth’s atmosphere from their own homes. Through its enlightening commentary, stunning animation sequences and insight from seasoned astronauts, this documentary proves that life can truly exist beyond our planet’s atmosphere – if we choose to reach for it. With so much ground left unexplored within our universe, now is an exciting time for us all to come together and take a closer look at our galaxy’s next frontier – space!

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David B