Asteroid Strike

Jul 16, 2023 | Science, Videos

The catastrophic event that destroyed up to 70% of Earth’s life 65 million years ago has been the subject of intense research and debate for decades. But it was not until recently, when paleontologist Jan Smit made a shocking discovery while trekking in northern Spain, that scientists had a breakthrough in understanding what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Through careful chemical analysis, Smit identified large quantities of iridium—an element commonly found in asteroids and meteorites—in rock samples from the area. This was an exciting development as it pointed to an asteroid impact as the likely cause of this planet’s last mass extinction.

This phenomenon is explored in depth in Asteroid Strike, a gripping documentary following a team of scientists on their journey to uncover evidence about how this cosmic collision led to the birth and evolution of humans. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure across Colorado mountains, Yucatan Peninsula, and more as this documentary presents viewers with stunning visuals recreating the momentous event—from waves of fire engulfing miles upon miles of land after impact, to massive tsunamis decimating already-vulnerable ecosystems.

The aftermath of the asteroid strike is equally fascinating; with drastic climate changes ensuing for hundreds of years, it truly would have been Hell on Earth, as one scientist puts it. Yet despite its catastrophic effects on our planet’s environment and species diversity, life found a way to rebound—a testament to its resilience and adaptability in the face of tragedy. From here we can draw remarkable conclusions about our very own existence being due to one freak event in cosmic history!

Asteroid Strike is an amazing opportunity to explore one of Earth’s most momentous events and gain insight into our past while appreciating how far humanity has come since then. This documentary is sure to captivate any viewer looking for an insightful journey into geology and cosmology alike; so don’t miss out on your chance to witness this incredible story unfold!

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David B