Asteroid Mining: How to mine in space instead of on earth

Aug 17, 2023 | Technology, Videos


Asteroid mining stands out as a potential alternative to traditional terrestrial mining methods, which can have devastating consequences for the environment. In recent years, asteroid mining has become an increasingly popular concept, with many experts pondering the possibility of tapping into mineral-rich asteroids in space for green technologies and resources.

The process of extracting such minerals from asteroids has been aptly named “space mining” and it could revolutionize the way we use minerals from Earth. Precious metals like gold and platinum are essential for green technologies, but their extraction processes often leave behind hazardous chemical by-products. Space mining offers a more sustainable way of obtaining these raw materials without destroying the environment.

The idea of space mining is not a new one – astronaut and scientist Chris Hadfield explored the feasibility of space mining during his 2013 documentary “Asteroid Mining: The Future of Resources”. The documentary dives deep into the possibilities that asteroid mining presents and excellently explains why this type of exploration could be an incredible feat in our journey towards sustainability. From examining potential asteroid targets to delving into how astronauts will go about harvesting them, Hadfield’s documentary provides a comprehensive look at the space mining phenomenon.

If you’re looking to further understand this industry-disrupting concept, then make sure you watch Chris


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