Assault In the Ring

Jul 5, 2023 | Sports, Videos

Assault In The Ring is a gripping documentary that revisits one of the sport’s greatest scandals and follows the story of Luis Resto, his trainer Panama Lewis, and their involvement in the criminal plot. On June 16th, 1983, fighter Billy Collins Jr. set out to make his dreams come true by competing at Madison Square Garden. Unbeknownst to him or the audience in attendance, his opponent Luis Resto had undergone an illegal alteration to his gloves conducted by Panama Lewis.

What followed was a 30-minute assault that ended with Collins’ career ambitions dashed and Resto incarcerated. In Assault In The Ring, Resto offers an account of what transpired that night while Lewis speaks for the first time about both the events of the fight and its consequences. The documentary takes viewers through this dark hour of boxing history, providing new evidence and background information on each character involved.

Viewers will be left captivated as they unravel this complex narrative – from post-fight victory celebration to tragic aftermath – all while learning valuable lessons about accountability and responsibility within the sport of boxing. Such a riveting tale needs to be seen firsthand; don’t miss out on your chance to watch Assault In The Ring!

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David B