Asia’s Illegal Animal Trade

Jul 5, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Wildlife trafficking is a devastating problem that has been impacting our planet’s rarest creatures for years. Documentarian Patrick Brown has spent his life traveling across Asia to document the destruction caused by this illegal wildlife trade, and now he’s hoping to bring his work to a global audience through a campaigning photographic book called “Trading to Extinction.”

The cruel and dangerous world of wildlife trafficking is fueled by money, with its tentacles reaching from remote forests in Asia all the way to the hubs of Beijing, Bangkok, London, Tokyo and New York. For example, poachers can be paid as little as $350 to kill a rhino and remove its horn in India; while the same horn can fetch up to $370,000 in a market town or capital city. Tiger bones are worth up to $700 per kilo on the black market.

This shocking tale of cruelty and greed must be exposed if wildlife trafficking is going to be stopped. Thankfully, Patrick Brown’s photographic book aims to do just that; giving readers an insight into this dark industry which threatens so many animal species around the world. The documentary accompanying Trading To Extinction will also allow viewers an intimate look at how illegal animal trading works – something which must be seen if action is going to be taken against it.

We owe it both ourselves and these endangered animals to take notice of this destructive industry and act accordingly – whether that’s through protests, donations or other forms of advocacy. Make sure you watch Patrick Brown’s documentary Trading To Extinction so you can truly understand the horror of what’s happening behind closed doors – and help us put an end to this cruel practice once and for all.

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David B