Asexual people speak out

Aug 21, 2023 | People, Sexuality, Videos

From the complexities of sexuality to navigating the boundaries of love – this documentary explores the lives of three asexual people, each with their unique experiences. “Living without Sexual Desire” delves into the stories of these individuals, their perceptions, and challenges. This thought-provoking documentary challenges conventional narratives and questions mainstream perspectives about asexuality.
Societal norms seem to be constantly changing. “Living without Sexual Desire” raises intriguing questions about the way society defines “normal” and “acceptable” behavior. It navigates themes of love, lifestyle, and sexuality with an unflinching gaze, portraying a diverse range of asexual experiences. From the passionate activism of the LGBTQ community to the intricacies of human relationships, this documentary explores an often-neglected topic in modern society. Join Tessa Clara Walther as she takes you on a journey through the lives of Lennart from Hamburg, Martin from Speyer, and Akaya from Bielefeld.

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David B