As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail

Jul 16, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Two friends, Andy Laub and Ian Mangiardi, decided to take the plunge and tackle one of the most daunting challenges in outdoor exploration: trekking the 2500-mile Pacific Crest Trail. This trail runs along the west coast from Mexico to Canada, and it’s a grueling expedition that requires immense physical and mental strength.

The journey was documented in a documentary called “As It Happens: Pacific Coast Trail” – a film that follows the two friends on their arduous trek through some of the most stunning landscapes in America. From scorching deserts to icy mountains, they faced every kind of natural element imaginable.

The film follows the pair as they battle extreme heat and dehydration, face down venomous rattlesnakes, and contend with snow storms – all while pushing themselves to their physical limits. Along their way, they learn more about themselves and each other – even encountering friendly strangers who share invaluable advice about life on the trail.

But it’s not all hardships and challenges; Andy also composed an original soundtrack composed of 24 songs for this film that adds another layer of emotion for viewers. With breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and hundreds of stunning photographs, viewers are brought close to the action – both during moments of peril and moments of triumph.

By its conclusion, “As It Happens: Pacific Coast Trail” will leave you feeling inspired by what these two adventurers were able to accomplish on their journey. They experienced moments of grace, transcendence, and profound appreciation – values we can all carry with us into our daily lives no matter how far away we are from nature’s wonders. So take a break from your everyday life and watch this documentary! Explore what nature has to offer us when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

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David B