Jul 14, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The documentary, Wild Salmon: A Changing Relationship, explores the complex relationship between humans and the environment. With technological advancements, human intervention in nature has become commonplace, altering ecosystems drastically and leading to the depletion of wild salmon populations. This film dives into how societies have adapted to this changing relationship and how regulations are being implemented in an attempt to protect species like wild salmon from extinction.

The movie dissects the various solutions that have been attempted and provides an insight into the ongoing struggle between human activity and preservation of natural resources. It examines how hatcheries have been set up in an effort to control wild salmon populations – something which is causing controversy within communities who depend on these species for their cultural way of life. The documentary also reveals political influences on this issue, as well as the difficulties surrounding conservation efforts and the reality that reducing our human imprint could be achieved through reducing our population size.

This documentary gives viewers a comprehensive look at a topic which is vastly important but often overlooked – it is not only about getting a better understanding of wild salmon but also about our connection to them as humans. It encourages us to consider what responsibility should we take in order for future generations to have access to these natural resources.

Wild Salmon: A Changing Relationship is a thought-provoking piece that pushes us out of our comfort zone by delving into difficult topics such as global resource management and human interference with nature which will affect generations to come. By watching this documentary, you will gain a better understanding of this complex issue, leaving you with much food for thought!

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David B