Arniston Bliss – Fishing Village worth a Visit

Jun 28, 2022 | Nature, Travel, Videos

In few hours driving distance from Cape Town along the East coast, lies a fishing village that is often forgotten by tourists. The name Arniston Bliss might not scream “heaven on Earth”, but those that visited the village, can tell you how heavenly the place is.

If your dream of a perfect getaway is a beautiful, relaxed space where you could enjoy yourself by the ocean, Arniston Bliss is the place to go. The weather is cold and chilly, but there are cottages where you can stay under the blanket and enjoy romantic weekend.

Arniston Bliss has a long history of a fishing settlement, white beaches and a turquoise ocean that few other places on Earth can provide.

Long walks are part of the experience, and this documentary perfectly captures the ambience in the city. Relaxing music, stunning views, it just makes you want to catch the next plane and go there.

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Riyan H.