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Oct 11, 2023 | Culture, People, Videos

The phenomenon of a musician drawing huge crowds has been around for centuries. Just look at Franz Liszt, the piano prodigy who first ignited the spark of what we now call “Lisztomania” in the 19th century. For years, fans flocked to hear him play and were mesmerized by his musical genius.

This was decades before Beatlemania or One Direction hysteria took over popular culture. But what made this moment in history so special? Was it just the excitement that comes from seeing a legendary artist perform in person? Or did something more profound happen when Liszt played?

Today, a documentary about Franz Liszt and his contributions to music is available on streaming services. Through historical research and interviews with leading musicologists, this film explores the many facets of Liszt’s life — from his childhood as an orphan to his emergence as one of the most famous musicians in Europe in his time.

It also looks at how Liszt influenced today’s composers and performers, introducing new musical styles and techniques that changed classical music forever. If you’re interested in learning more about this influential figure in music history — whose fans once fainted at concerts! — then this documentary is worth watching.

In addition to shedding light on how Liszt became such an icon during his lifetime, it also helps us understand why he continues to inspire people today — even after all these years of ”Lisztomania.” So if you want to learn more about Franz Liszt’s legacy, be sure to check out this fascinating documentary!

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David B